What is PRO Hardware?

PRO Hardware is a division of PRO Group, Inc.. Pro Group is a retailers’ cooperative and distributors’ cooperative consisting of a group of independently owned businesses that have come together to establish both a central buying organization and marketing/promotional programs for its members.

What does that mean?

In order to lower costs, the members of the cooperative combine their resources to establish a central buying location. This provides them with the opportunity to purchase in bulk. The cooperative also engages in group advertising/promotion and private branding.

This leads to consumer recognition of brands, giving the stores the benefits of being a franchise, but also having the freedom of being an independent store.

Breaking Down the Benefits of PRO:

PRO Hardware knows independent businesses are vital to local economies and to the American way of life. The retail program supports independent retailers by providing the tools to build their business while maintaining the store’s individuality and independence.

Here is a breakdown of some of PRO’s core values and how they benefit you, the consumer, as well as the local economy.

Group Purchasing Power

  • PRO Hardware boasts $6 billion in combined buying power with a network of hardware, lawn and garden, and farm distributors.

  • Customer Benefit:      Name brands at a low cost!

Maintaining Store Independence

  • PRO Hardware is comprised of numerous independent hardware and building supply stores around the country. With all of the resources available, each store can customize programs to meet the demands of their local market with the backing of a national brand.

  • Customer Benefit:       No generic store layout or basic promotions. A PRO store can customize their offerings to appeal to the specific needs of their customers!

Advertising and Marketing

  • PRO Hardware has a complete advertising program to reach all of its customers. These tools assist stores in increasing their customer base by utilizing printed, fully customizable circulars, promotional signage and endcaps. PRO stores can connect with a wide audience with digital resources and advertising such as social media, mobile circulars, text marketing, email specials and the PRO Hardware website.

  • Customer Benefit:      A variety of ways for customers to stay informed and find savings on necessary hardware supplies!

Value-Added Services

  • PRO Hardware provides added value to the customer with credit card processing, PRO Rewards loyalty card, store fixtures, the Rental Stop program and other services.

  • Customer Benefit:         An enhanced customer experience!

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